Consumer Habits

The Magic Distribution Number

There is a lot of talk about educating the consumer and providing the proper content so that they can make informed decisions. In the finance space this content is completely missing from the lead generation process. In the EDU space there is content overload. The finance space provides very little […]


Preception, Branding, Human Behavior and Pizza hut

I am not sure if you have noticed the trend of TV commercials that supposedly trick the consumers into believing they are eating food from a fine dinning restaurant, but are in fact eating fast food. These commercials have been driving me nuts. Let me tell you why. First, if […]


Mortgage Quote Demand VS. Mortgage Lead Demand

Mortgage Quote Demand VS. Mortgage Lead Demand

While researching search terms and keyword trends there are a two that I will always check out of curiosity and the they are “Mortgage Quotes” and “Mortgage Leads”. I believe the last time I checked these two keywords was over 3 months ago, possible much longer. Either way, it is […]


Holidays – Have your contact and funding rates gone down?

December is traditionally a slow month in the mortgage industry where contact rates and funding rates tend to drop by at least 15%. Loan officers start scheduling significant time off and prospects get very busy. I remember even during the mortgage heyday our loan officers dreaded this month. Is anyone […]


Search Trends for Mortgages and Leads

Search Trends for Mortgages and Leads

From time to time I spend the evening playing with Google Trends and Microsoft’s AdLabs. There are a few keywords that I always check in Google Trends. The first is Mortgage Leads and the second is Mortgage Refinance. Here is what I found: According to Google Trends there is a […]


What Everybody Ought to Know About Talking to Consumers

First, and most obvious start doing it. Stop whatever you are doing right now and look at your website or any marketing material you have laying around. Who are you talking to? If you have terms like IO, ARM, LIBOR, The Fed, or DTI you are talking to yourself. Throw […]


Click-To-Call, Can It Work On Your WebSite?

Here is another video from Inman News. This video is of Konstantin Guericke the co-founder of the very popular LinkedIn Network. He explains Click-to-Call and the new development of a widget that can be added to your website to generate inbound sales leads. Real Estate Video by – Real Estate […]


Do You Have the Guts to Do it the Redfin Way?

I wonder if mortgage companies and the tightly coupled lead generation companies have the guts to depart from the “Gigantic Lead Generating Contraption for Business-As-Usual?” What does that mean? What would it look like? Glenn Kelman at Redfin has a proposal that seems like what a lot of us in […]


Silence Dogood Ascends on the Lead Market

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as Silence Dogood! Yes, I am obviously the namesake of the slightly prudish widow of Poor Richard’s Almanac. I felt obligated, having observed this market for numerous years, to wade in where there lacked a fair representation of the fairer (and notably smarter) […]


Improve Your Websites Performance

Is your website living up to its full potential? Many websites give 100’s of irrelevant options to the user. When was the last time you checked your website analytics? Maybe the better question is, do you have any type of analytics platforms set up for your website. If not, get […]