Leads360 Releases Skill Based Routing Whitepaper

We have another white paper to discuss and this one gets me pretty excited. If there has one consistent theme on LeadCritic it would have to be Lead Management. And for good reason! If there is one facet of lead buying that you have full control over it is your […]


LeadQual Released 3rd Annual Study: Can You Make the Grade?

Our friends at LeadQual just released the third installment of their education vertical Lead Conversion Study. The study seeded 776 leads with 130 different schools. LeadQual had up to 6 inquiries submitted with each school and recorded the results of each lead. Were the leads contacted and how soon were […]


The Battle Between Good and Evil; Who’s Team Are You On Anyway?

photo courtesy of zed_pmd As many of you are aware the education vertical is facing some new regulatory guidelines this coming July. From the perspective of those that have faced these same guidelines in other verticals, it is not all that surprising. What is also not surprising is the over […] is now Officially Live

A few weeks ago quietly (to my knowledge) launched The re-purpose of was first announced a few years back at LeadsCon by founder and CEO Doug Lebda and is now intentionally live. continues on with Lebda’s vision of providing a single source for all of life’s […]


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Compliance has become a necessity for success and indeed survival in the lead gen space.  Online compliance management providers have delivered by creating new tools and platforms that not only monitor and mitigate compliance risk but actually leverage compliance data to enhance marketing efforts. Take the EDU space.  For lead […]


Lead Scoring Week Begins!

This is Lead Scoring week here at! lol I chuckle after I make that statement because I know very little about lead scoring! I certainly understand the concept and its basic best practices, but my knowledge, without question, doesn’t surpass the beginner/intermediate level. I feel comfortable going against Cindy […]


Mortgagebot to be Sold for $231 million

Mar, 2011 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — Mortgagebot LLC, a Mequon firm that provides Web-based mortgage application technology to lenders, is being acquired by a Canadian company for $231.8 million in cash.


Leads360 Lead Industry Report, The Gold Standard

2 years ago it would be safe to say that both lead buyers and sellers were in the dark as to what the rest of the industry was doing. It came down to a lot of speculation and a lot of question asking at conference, but you never really new […]


LEADER Awards Announced by the Leads Council

Today the LeadsCouncil announced the first series of winners for their LEADER Awards. I’d like to think that I had a little influence on the idea, but I know full well that the idea was already in the works prior to my rant. Nonetheless, the long awaited awards were announced […]


Dial-IQ Adds Real Muscle to Lead Management

When we talk about lead management and being successful with buying Internet leads the first thing always comes up is “speed to contact”. Most buyers today understand that this is arguably the most important factor to having a high conversion rate. Unfortunately knowing what is best is extremely easy, but […]