Big news out of Los Angeles California today! Long time lead generation friends, RateSpecial Interactive, was named THE #1 fastest growing private company LA County. A huge congratulations goes out to both Tom and David for taking on the risk of starting RateSpecial, and enduring through all the personal sacrifices it takes to start a business.

Great job Tom and David!

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 21, 2011
Annually, the Los Angeles Business Journal composes a list of the top 100 fastest growing private companies based in the greater Los Angeles area. Companies are ranked by percentage of revenue growth from 2008 – 2010. The Los Angeles Business Journal reviewed more than 1,000 submissions before narrowing down to the top 100.

The awards reception was held on November 16, 2011 at the Peterson Automotive Museum in downtown Los Angeles. RateSpecial Interactive was ranked as the #1 fastest growing private company based on a 7000% revenue growth. The Los Angeles Business Journal recognizes companies over and under $100 Million in gross revenue, composing lists of the top 100 in each category as well as the top 100 overall in both categories. The Founders of RateSpecial Interactive were proud to accept two awards that night for #1 under $100 Million in gross revenue and #1 Overall amongst all companies.

“This is a rewarding accomplishment for our company. We constantly remind ourselves of how far we’ve come and it’s that humility that serves as the driving force for our motivation. 2010 was a great year for us and 2011 has been that much better even given our heavy reinvestment into different long-term growth initiatives. We have some really aggressive revenue projections for 2012 so stay tuned. Up to this point we’ve inadvertently done a good job of staying under the radar. I don’t see that being the case going forward”. Commented David Tam, CEO & Co-Founder.
“This recognition is testament to our vision of the marketplace and the opportunity in front of us. We have a very compelling traffic monetization strategy for our partners, which generates significant secondary revenue for them. Our traffic partners have shared in our success and as they grow we grow.” Commented Tom McErlane, President & Co-Founder.

“This has really been a great moment for every member of our team. Our ability to execute, being both flexible and directed, has really attributed to our successes. It will be interesting to see how our new technologies for our industry will impact the marketplace.” Commented Bertrand Seow, CTO & Co-Founder.

About RateSpecial Interactive

RateSpecial Interactive is a results-oriented boutique interactive agency specializing in traffic acquisition and product strategy. Our core focus is matching relevant traffic to relevant products, while creating and added value experience for the consumer and significant secondary revenue events for our traffic partners. We create unique online pathways that drive high-performance results by customizing the consumer experience. RateSpecial has the distinct understanding of the conversion funnel by staying in lockstep with our essential components: The Advertiser, The Publisher and The Consumer.
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