After a taking a week off for the Thanksgiving, which I hope you all enjoyed, I was welcomed back with a very interesting announcement that should peak the curiosity of every person in the lead gen industry.

Today, TargusInfo announced that Dave Wengel, General Manager of their Interactive Markets division will be stepping down. Dave was not only the GM of the Interactive division but also co-founded the idea of real time data verification. This ground breaking service changed the industry forever and for that I consider Dave to be one of the most influential people in our industry.

The simple announcement of Dave leaving Targus should be interesting enough, but it does not end there. The announcement also states that he will be partnering with lead gen thought leader and founder of LeadsCon, Jay Weintraub. With the creation of LeadsCon, Jay gave the lead generation industry a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions. Not only has he provided a platform and has also given the industry a voice with some of the best lead gen related articles ever written on sites like DM Confidential, LeadsConfidential, his personal blog and so many other publications. For this, there is no way you can argue is influence on our industry.

What is exciting to hear is that the two will be partnering on the creation of a new company, Shouk Media. So, what is Shouk Media?

According to Jay:

It’s easier to start with what it isn’t. Most importantly, it isn’t a marketing services company. In other words, we aren’t looking to begin our own lead generation company. As I mention to just about anyone who asks why I don’t run any offers, the last thing I want to do is diminish the perspective of objectivity. There is hardly any amount of money (and certainly not any that I’m going to make running offers) worth damaging the LeadsCon platform. Similarly, it was important to keep the LeadsCon brand separate from anything else I might do. This brings us to the name “shouk.” It is a transliteration of a word referring to an outdoor market, and markets are all about helping others transact business…”

Jay also added that Shouk Media will “help those wanting to learn more about lead generation industry, increase efficiency of those operating in it, and raise its awareness so that more dollars continue to flow into it.”

We will have to wait on the more specific details of the venture, but there is no doubt that this is will be a dynamic duo to keep an eye on.

Here is the TargusInfo Press Release:

TARGUSinfo Veteran Steps Down

Dave Wengel joins Jay Weintraub to start Shouk Media

Vienna, VA, December 2, 2009 – Today, TARGUSinfo, the leading provider of On-Demand InsightSM about prospects and customers, announced that Dave Wengel, GM of Interactive Markets, is leaving TARGUSinfo in order to start Shouk Media, a new online media and professional services firm.  His partner for the venture is Jay Weintraub, thought leader and founder of two leading internet advertising events, LeadsCon and 80/20. Their new venture, Shouk Media, will focus on bringing greater visibility to the online lead generation industry as well as help those looking to better understand and maximize their efforts in the sector.

At TARGUSinfo, Wengel co-founded the Interactive Markets division in 2004 and  led the division through a period of dynamic growth– introducing the first real-time lead verification service in 2004, and the industry’s leading real-time lead scoring solution in 2007.  Wengel also founded theOnline Lead Quality Summit (OLQS) in 2006, one of the premiere events for seniormarketing executives in the online lead generation industry.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many great clients in the lead generation industry and with so many passionate and talented individuals over the past eight years at TARGUSinfo,” said Wengel.  “I look forward to continuing a relationship with TARGUSinfo to further advance the development of the interactive markets industry in general.”

“Dave made a great contribution to the industry and our company,” said George Moore, CEO of TARGUSinfo. “I cannot think of two better ambassadors to promote best practices within the online lead generation community than Jay Weintraub and Dave Wengel.  We are excited to continue our participation at the LeadsCon series of events in 2010 (which will be part of the new organization) and partner on new opportunities under development with Jay and Dave as well.  TARGUSinfo will be Shouk’s first customer.”

Further details about Shouk Media will be made public in early 2010.

About TARGUSinfo

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