Wow, I just realized that LeadCritic, the blog, had its first birthday a few days ago and just yesterday I posted my 300th article. It seems like it was years ago that the blog started, but to my surprise it was only a year ago. It is also quite shocking to think that I wrote 300, this post makes 301 articles. For someone who never really enjoyed writing this is shocking.

I must say the blog has evolved over the year quite a bit and so have I. This time last year I made my living buying mortgage and insurance leads. Today I make my living generating mortgage and insurance leads. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that I am going to give you my opinions right or wrong and be open to your opinions. My passion for helping lead buyers succeed and improving the overall perception of the industry still reigns true. My belief that transparency and communication between buyers and sellers will help us all succeed still is strong.

In the spirit of reflection I want to highlight my favorite posts of the year. In one way or another I really enjoyed the following articles or I feel they were important to the success of LeadCritic and its readers.

Conversions in the mist.

Just pondering the effects of the subprime crash and the lead market.

A Letter to the Root Exchange 

4 Tips For The New Lead Buyer

Where Will Lead-gen Be Tomorrow 

What should you expect as a new lead buyer?

Very Important- Guideline Changes Effective August 8, 2007

Negotiating Your Lead Price.

How Many Times Should I Call A Lead? 

Ramblings about Mortgage, Technology, and the Internet consumer. Part 2

Here’s to another 300+ articles!




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