In an industry were there are very few companies that have stood the test of time LowerMyBills celebrates its 10th year of “lowering peoples bills”. Starting out with a focus on lowering peoples long distance, credit cards, insurance, Internet and of course their mortgages. Over time, and by following the needs of the consumer, they began to focus more and more on generating mortgage refinance leads and are now most known best known for being acquired by Experian and creating some of the ugliest, most ridiculous and eye catching banner ads on the net.

So in honor of their long standing role as a pioneer in the lead generation industry I am going to take down memory lane.

(Sorry, if you cannot see the images and have to click on the links. I am still having a few issues with images in posts, so if nothing works you can see the history of LowerMyBills website here)

Lets take a look at one of the fist versions of the LowerMyBills website, circa 1999. This was their pre launch landing page:

Here is was the first version of their website and you can see where their focus was, circa 2000.

Fast forward to 2004 where they start to get the taste of the mortgage lead industry:

In the year 2005 they put a full court press on the mortgage industry:

And here of course is the current LowerMyBills website:

We can’t stroll down LowerMyBills without at least posting one dancing alien advertisement.


So to all the years, landing pages, text and banner ads, cheers to you LowerMyBills and here is to another 10 years.