2008 is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to get started!

My goal for LeadCritic in 2008 is continue build quality content for Lead Buyers and Sellers. You may have noticed the poll on the right f this page asking “What topics do most enjoy reading on LeadCritic”. With this poll I wanted to find out what content you most enjoyed so that I can focus LeadCritic posts on those subjects.

To do this I will be presenting a few quest writers on LeadCritic that will go over Lead Buying 101 and more.

Noel Collins, aka Lead Guru from Leads360  will continue to contribute on the blog and will bring a ton of insight to lead buying and work flow management. He is going to have a lot of great information to write about in 2008. Noel has been buying leads for longer than he cares to remember, 10+ years I think and now has been applying his wealth of  knowledge and experience to help Leads360 clients. Noel and Leads360 have agreed to pass along this information to LeadCritic readers, which I think is great of them to do.

Industry expert Bill Rice of Kaleidico will begin his writing debut on LeadCritic this week with more Lead Buying 101 topics. Here are some of the topics he will be writing about over the next 10 weeks:

1. Internet Mortgage Originations: A Primer for Success
2. What are Internet Leads and Why Buy Them?
3. Creating a Lead Buying Marketing Plan
4. Establishing Metrics and Measuring Lead Performance
5. Building a High Performance Internet Salesforce
6. Working Internet Leads, It’s not a Cold Call
7. Selecting and Optimizing Lead Management
8. Automating Effective Lead Nurturing Workflows
9. Creating Activating Email Campaigns
10. Putting it All Together to Increase Production

These two guys are going to bring a wealth of information to us and I think their writings are going to be very beneficial to many of us.

I also hope to have other industry experts write about marketing, email and lead generation. Along with this information I will continue to write about new products, industry news, SEO and lead generation.  If you have any suggestions feel free to email me and let me know.