There has been some interesting things happening behind closed doors for LeadCritic recently and I wanted to share some of it with you.

As some of you know I have been out of the mortgage industry for about 4 months now working as an Internet Marketing Manager for a big start up here in Southern California. I have never really left the industry, obviously you know this with the increased activity on this blog. I have never lost contact with any of my industry friends or contacts and have still tried to help lead buyers out with advice and tips either through the blog or the ton of emails I get. I have always believed that we as an industry should help each other by talking about the good providers and definitely the bad ones. My hope was that in some small way it would help clean the industry up. Has it actually done that, probably not, but I can be confident that lead providers that I have had success with and that I knew were generating leads the right way gained a few more sales from my recommendations.

The blog has evolved from what it first was intended to be and now includes industry news and rumors along with the lead buying 101 posts, lead generation and Internet marketing tips. I think it has evolved into a more rounded source for information. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email me. You can either send an email to info at leadcritic dot com or go to the Contact Me page and I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

With all that said, I recently met with a top lead provider in the mortgage and life insurance industry about a month ago and was really impressed with their thoughts on how to generate a quality lead. They were clearly one of the top providers that new what they were doing and you know me, I asked alot of questions and was very critical of what they were saying. After that first meeting our relationship continued grow and we continued to discuss lead generation tactics and what I as a buyer looked for in a quality lead.

About two weeks ago I was offered a position at this company to manage their lead generation and marketing. Yes, LeadCritic, consumer and lead buyer advocate work for a lead provider? At first I wasn’t the slightest bit interested, but after thinking about it for a while and pondering the difference I could make by keeping the consumer and the buyer in mind, I thought twice.

Nothing has been finalized, but I will keep you posted when it is. You may be wondering what is going to happen with the blog and if I am still going to be unbiased with my opinions. Well, I have always been slightly biased with my opinions, I hate lead providers that take advantage of buyers and consumers and think they are all scum. I hate ads that have one goal in mind and that is to create a click and not a quality lead. This will all continue and the blog will not change. You will never find me pitching the company in any of my post. If I do, you can scold me and tell me to go to hell. As many of you know there are few writers on the blog and I will leave the really opinionated posts to them if I feel it is more appropriate. If any of you email me for a recommendation I will continue to give them out to you and yes the company I will be working for definitely be included in the mix, but not the only company. I have have always preached diversity and told you that buying leads from one company is crazy and that will never change. You can bet on one thing though, there isn’t another lead-gen company out there that will have an industry critic on their team focusing on the buyer and consumer like I will.

I am pretty excited for the change and really feel the sky is the limit. Once this has all been finalized I will disclose the company and any other pertinent information.