After almost a year of being launched in the LeadROI lead management system, newly acquired LeadROI officially announces the integration of JetDial.

It was about a year ago and I was buying leads, actually using LeadROI when they introduced the integration of JetDial to the platform. JetDial is very nice tool that efficiently allows you to dial through large amounts of data in a timely manner. At the time, we used it to call through slightly aged data and saw a very nice increase in the amount of dials and contacts experienced by our LO’s.

LeadROI’s JetDial is an innovative on-demand call center software that dramatically improves sales force efficiency. The technology automatically manages answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, and fax lines to improve sales talk time by over 40%. For example, when an answering machine is detected, a personalized pre-recorded voicemail greeting is automatically delivered and the sales representative is promptly connected to the next available live party

There was some very nice flexibility built into the system that enabled you to choose to leave a message or not. LO’s could use their own custom voice mail or a general company specific voice mail. This may have changed since and more then likely improved.

Raj Parekh, founder of LeadROI made this comparison:

“The JetDial technology sets us apart from the other lead management systems, which offer very basic click-to-dial applications that don’t do much to improve sales force productivity when compared with our advanced preview dialer technology,” said Raj Parekh, General Manager of MediaWhiz’s LeadROI product. “LeadROI’s JetDial technology does everything from screening busy calls to leaving messages while simultaneously making the next call … enabling sales organizations to be significantly more efficient and profitable.”

People seem to be either for predictive dialers or against them. It is my feeling that there can be a very nice mix of a non-dialer strategy and a dialer strategy. Dialers should probably not be used for first contact efforts with real time Internet leads, however slightly aged data, possibly a week or two old makes perfect sense to me. The increased efficiency and time that is cut calling older leads with a dialer leaves LO’s with more time to contact fresh leads, close deals and possibly process loan applications.

Now I will just sit back and wait for the press release of their year old integration with Mortech loan pricing. :)