LeadCritic Exclusive:

I have got the first public announcement here at LeadCritic that LeadROI has recently been acquired by online marketing company, MediaWhiz.

After being held hostage, in my opinion, by Root Markets for the last year LeadROI is now coming back into the game with more energy and motivation then ever before. If you aren’t familiar with the complete story a little over a year ago LeadROI was acquired by Root Markets with the intention to bring a whole new level of lead management to the industry. When the Root acquisition happened it seemed  to be a great move for the growing LMS provider. ROI had aspirations of continuing the development as one of the leading LMS providers in the industry and the combination of a well financed exchange platform seemed to be an unbelievable match.

The problem was that NOTHING happened. Root never capitalized on the on new addition and as a matter of fact most of the developments that were in progress came to a halt or continued at a snails pace, for one reason or another. No one really knows.

Similar to a Hollywood marriage the Root/LeadROI partnership came to quick end this past week and ROI is now on to bigger and better things.

I think this extremely positive for the industry and of course it’s current user base. It was looking like ROI, who was the first to introduce a dialer and integrated pricing  solution, was suffering a slow death with no hope of survival. This current acquisition by MediaWhiz will give LeadROI another chance at life.

Raj Parekh, one of the original founders has promised to bring LeadROI to the level it once was and beyond.

Congratulations Raj and good luck!