June 25, 2022

The following was saved from the old blog.leadcritic.com website, just in case anyone was looking for it (Source: archive.org):

If I were starting a new lead generation company, and I’m not, here are a few new things I would try:

1. Start with content - I would focus first on content. I would hire hungry, creative copywriters and journalist and this would be their mission:

  • Focus only on topics interesting to consumers
  • Scour the industry for smart and interesting voices and engage them
  • Snoop out trends, tips, and teasers
  • Work like a gossip columnist

2. Add in profiles - Not a Web form on your loan amount and credit grade! Think eHarmony. I want to know:

  • Why you are you interested in mortgages?
  • How many times have your purchased or refinanced?
  • What are your financial objectives & goals?
  • What is your current mortgage or rent situation
  • Tell me what you want me to Alert (email opt-in) you about
  • Tell me when you need a mortgage or even better let me make a suggestions when it is time

3. Sprinkle in Social Tools (Don’t build your own!) - That just gives me one more thing to check. Do it like this:

  • Create a Facebook app to feed in your content
  • Create a Twitter feed, maybe even a Twitter gram–break news here first
  • Leverage LinkedIn, more on this in a minute
  • Add in plenty of RSS

4. Build momentum and consumers - Time to stock the pond and create the buzz:

  • Do a little PR. DIY or Professional.
  • Pepper the network and relationships with some emails and telephone calls
  • Find a few more new relationships (make sure they are important) to tell about your cool lead generation platform
  • Create some widgets
  • Get mentioned where high net worth consumers hang out: here, here, here, here, and even here

5. Add in your revenue (Time to make money and happy consumers) - Bring in the mortgage bankers and brokers:

  • Allow bankers and brokers to sign-up for a monthly subscription. Credit card only please!
  • Subscriptions gives you the opportunity to post your LinkedIN profile (your reputation is your business card)
  • Each subscriber gets a blog or can add in their existing RSS feed
  • Each subscriber gets to build a consumer profile. This is where you get your real-time personally matched leads

How would you build your lead generation company?

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